We Find Our Temple In Nature


The awe-inspiring beauty, the peace and quiet, the pristine hillsides, the soothing creek, the pure air, the clear sky, the wonderful climate form a Nature Temple. There are the invisible power spots of the subtle energies on the land.

All this is a reflection of the Source of Life, as we, humans, are in the image of the Creator God. Nature has no religion, no schedule, no agenda and no shoulds. It has no attachment to the way life unfolds. Nature only knows Being in the Now and dealing with whatever is created on its journey through life, be it one day, one month or many years, as best it can.

What better place to connect with Spirit than by opening up in Nature? What better way to know the Divine inside than by being One with Nature? Many who have come to Angel Valley have experienced miracles through their connection with Nature.

We have added to what Nature offers, by creating outdoor features. Each one of them can be enjoyed as a spiritual tool in your process of exploring, healing and growing. We have information available. Yet, we recommend most of all to open your heart and simply experience.


Come and enjoy

Chartres Labyrinth & 7-Circuit Labyrinth

Angel Wheel

Vortex Sites, Angel Circles, Chakra Sites

Medicine Wheel

Transformation Garden

Water Wheel

Lemurian Guardians

Oak Creek

Trails & Hikes


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