Amayra's Vision

The philosophy as formulated for NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley,
is very much how I focus my intentions in my personal life.

One of my favorite themes is to be in my Divine Feminine Power to the best of my ability.
That points me towards being in my heart, listening to my inner voice and my intuition,
and to see the Divine in myself, in others and in everything around me.
It directs me to be aware of what the Creator God presents to me
by what I radiate and attract as a result,
by what is reflected to me and by what resonates with me.
In that process I pay attention to synchronicities.

What I have encountered on my path,
has given me powerful opportunities
to practice remaining centered,
to focus on what really matters,
and to trust that things will all work out
for the highest good of myself and everybody around me. Working together in harmony
and interacting in community with others
is one of my exciting fields of learning and practicing.


I count all the blessings in my life,
I love the place where I have the privilege to currently live and work,
and I am grateful for all those whom I meet on my journey.
I feel alive!

Amayra Hamilton

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