Calendar of Events

Ongoing Events

Regularly occuring events are:
our weekly Sunday Morning Gathering,
Tai Ji Classes for guests upon request, 
Full Moon Celebrations in the labyrinth with music.

These events are complementary for guests,
although donations are welcome. 
You can find more details on our Ongoing Events page.

Special Events

Several times per year Angel Valley organizes an event.
Some are facilitated by Angel Valley staff,
others have guest speakers or channels.
Some of these events are broadcasted through Live Streaming.
Any Live Streamed events are posted on our Special Events page,
with instructions on what to do.
Attendees typically stay at Angel Valley.
In addition, most events can be attended by those
who live or stay in the Sedona area.

There are events, whereby Facilitators present their workshop or retreat
at Angel Valley, while bringing their own participants.
These events are collaborative projects
between the Facilitator and Angel Valley.
Some of these retreats are open to additional participants, others are not.
We invite Facilitators who are interested, to contact us.
You can find what is upcoming on the Special Events page. 
When retreats are in the phase of negotiation, they may not be posted yet.

Previous Events

If you are interested to see what took place at Angel Valley since 2002,
please, visit our Previous Events pages.
In the early years not all retreats were posted.


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