NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley


Archangel Michael,
painting by Nanette Christ - 1986


High Priest Adama,
painting by Glenda Green

The essence of NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley is to follow a divinely-guided spiritual path
while creating a 5th-dimensional way of living.
Inspiration is received in connections with Archangel Michael and High Priest Adama of Telos.
Its founders, Michael & Amayra Hamilton are both ordained ministers in the Order of Melchizedek.
The legal structure that best serves the philosophy, vision & mission of
NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley is a non-denominational spiritual oganization.
The 501(c)(3) status for Angel Valley was received in 2004.

We invite you to read the article 'What is NuLEMURIA '

During the Sunday Morning Gatherings
we interact on various spiritual topics.

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