Angel Valley Water

The water from the wells at Angel Valley is not only good tasting, it is extremely powerful.
The four wells have been determined as having different energies.
The well by the garden has a physical quality,
by the Light House you find a heart/mind vibration,
by the guest cabins the water has an emotional nature
and the highest well has a Christ consciousness frequency.
Ever since we knew about these characteristics, we have wanted to do more with the water
than just drink it and bathe in it.
We had the water chemically tested and Dr. Emoto's lab took photos of our waters.

watercrystal-well-1-8 watercrystal-well-2-1
watercrystal-well-2-1 watercrystal-well-4-9

A larger water project is still high on our wish list.
When you are here we invite you to take full advantage of this by drinking consciously.
We encourage every person who visits to fill up their water bottles.


Dr. Emoto visited Angel Valley in July, 2013.

In a conversation that we filmed he said:

"This area, Angel Valley, is a healing place.
I came here after a long, long journey, and I was so tired.
After two days staying here I feel so much better.
I think this is because of the water.
This water has the power of healing.
I don't know who named this place Angel Valley,
but this water has the power of the Angels."


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