Michael's Vision

Michael Hamilton


My Vision is, for me to live my life by being fully present in each Now Moment
by ‘Following My Heart’,
by listening to and acting
upon the Divine Guidance from within.
From this Now Moment Space
I know that I am Being My True Natural Self,
and will serve as a Mirror and Catalyst
for all whom I meet on my journey.

I have come to accept and embrace that I am a Bridge Builder and Re-Inventor!
I am open to ‘Do Thy Will’ and I am going where my inner GOD-Self guides me.
My Vision for others is for them to ‘Follow Their Heart’,
to ‘Take the Leap of Faith’ into the Unknown
and know that there will be ground there to support them!

I did not come to Earth to serve others, but rather
to express My True Natural Self.
By expressing myself I will per definition be of service to others!

Why did you come to Earth?
Let us connect and explore together!

Michael Hamilton


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