A New Paradigm Community


In July 2008 a vision was given of a New Paradigm Community where kindred spirits and soul families were playing and working together.
Some members of the community would be from the local area, others would come from afar. Some would stay here for an extended period, others would only be here for just a few hours or for a few days.
All felt empowered in being their true self.

We feel the vision was an invitation for us to begin looking at life, work, play and community in a more expansive and inclusive way. In the vision there was harmony and sharing. The community was not segregated in any way.
Everyone had equal value and everyone knew their own self-worth.
Everyone was living their passion and excitement, following their heart,
and expressing their True Natural Self to the best of their ability.

In this vision visitors were coming from around the world to experience this new harmonious way of living, playing and working together.
It was a model of cooperation, expression, and love being lived and shared.

We feel that we have been given a choice. Do we move forward with a belief that we can co-create in a New Paradigm reality that is based upon faith, trust, love, and abundance? Or do we believe in a reality that is based upon fear, doubt, lack, and the need to control?

We invite you to feel into the dream and vision by listening to your guides and angels. You will know your next step!

To read the full Dream Vision from Archangel Michael,
received by Michael Hamilton in Juy 2008, please, click here



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