It is with pure gratitude that we, Michael and Amayra Hamilton, give thanks to all of you
who have been part of our journey!
We give thanks for all of our experiences and for all that we have learned.

In April of 2002, we responded to the invitation of Our Higher Selves, Archangel Michael
and Source, to become stewards of this sacred land.
To the best of our ability we have listened to 'Follow Thy Will' and
allowed Angel Valley to evolve into what it is today.

On April 13, 2004, Angel Valley received the Internal Revenue status of
a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Spiritual Organization.
This means that bequests, donations, gifts or contributions to Angel Valley are tax deductible.

After 6 years of opportunities, disguised in a plethora of challenges
with lawsuits and legal issues, which are now finally all behind us,
we are ready to move into the next phase.

Angel Valley can no longer be a project that is financially carried by two people,
Michael & Amayra Hamilton.
We are putting out the call to the Creator, our family of Angelic Star Beings,
to guide those of you on our path who are ready, willing and able to participate with us.

All of you are invited to share your abilities and talents,
your knowledge and your abundance.
We request that this sharing be done from a place of centeredness within the heart,
with Divine guidance, and with excitement and joy.
By your participation you become an active co-steward and contributor to Angel Valley.

Our immediate objective is to complete current projects as presented below.

The refinancing is in preparation of Angel Valley's ultimate goal
of becoming a debt free living community based on a 5th dimensional consciousness.

With gratitude in our hearts we envision Angel Valley continuing
to attract all who are called to experience their own beauty through Angel Valley's magic.
We invite you to contact us.
Let us explore our connection together!


Michael and Amayra Hamilton,
Founders & Co-Stewards
of Angel Valley


Projects to Contribute to:

(Please, click on the project name or image to get more detailed information of each of the projects)

Angel Valley Road
Funding Goal - $20,000


Angel Valley Live Broadcasting
Funding Goal - $15,000


Chartres Labyrinth
Funding Goal - $25,000


Octagon Building
Funding Goal - $300,000


Bathrooms Cottages
Funding Goal - 10 x $12,000


Chakra Tent Cabins
Funding Goal - 7 x $8,000


General Support


When you contribute you will be taken to a PayPal server where you can:

  • Choose or change your donation amount
  • Make your donation a monthly recurring gift

paypal-donation 415x60

To pay with a credit card look for the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option
on the payment page (in the lower left of the screen) and click "continue".

Thank you for your contributions!!!!

Thanks To You!


We intend to keep you informed on what we have done, what we are currently working on,
and what we are preparing to do with your contributions. Please, visit our 'Thanks To You' page.

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