Video and Photo Galleries

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.
Although nothing can equal the actual physical experience of Angel Valley,
we invite you to get a feel by what you see.

On this page you find a Video Gallery. The Oak Creek Meditation is a taste of
one of our dreams: broadcasting Oak Creek for you with Live Streaming.

We guide you to Angel Valley on our Welcome page.
You are invited to have a peep at some of the numerous Events that have taken place.
Angel Valley is an ideal place for destination Weddings.
The location of Angel Valley, surrounded by pristine National Forest land,
can be viewed from the hills around.
A hot air balloon or a helicopter gives again another perspective.

This is sacred land, and has been used for ceremony for hundreds of years.
Since 2002 we have added sacred tools, like 2 labyrinths, a medicine wheel,
an angel wheel, vortex sites, angel sites, chakra sites, to be used an enjoyed.

Angel Valley, the Valley of the Angels.
Creativity, using the god-given power of the Creator! Enjoy our art!
Water! One of the most precious amenities that are part of Angel Valley.
Are you interested in some history?
Or in plans for the future?

On our other site,, you can see the facilities.
To see what Angel Valley looks like, have a look at the Red Rocks or Oak Creek.
Enjoy the beauty of Nature and fascination of the Seasons.
Take a walk on the Trails and observe what we do in our Gardens.

Under Stay at Angel Valley you can see the accommodations.
And food! Vegetarian AND delicious!

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