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Sources of Inspiration on our Path
Shaun Swanson - channels Ishuwa of the Yahyel, bringing us message of Unconditional Love
Brad Johnson - channels Adronis from Sirius, giving excellent explanations on multiple topics
Darryl Anka - channels Bashar whose messages have added to our lives for over 20 years

Websites of some Practitioners of our Team
Adele Sands - licensed massage therapist, skillful and loving
Reuel Ari - colon therapist and cranial sacral therapy


Co-Creators on our Journey of Teaching at Angel Valley and
Angelica Lemke - a naturopathic doctor, who specializes in homeopathy for autistic children.
Angelica and Tami Duncan assist caregivers of autistic children.
Gayle Barkley Lee - mother of non-verbal autistic Lyrica Mia Marquez, and
author of 'Awetizm, A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence'.
Courtney Long - teaches activation of the intuition and assists people
to make their own connection with their guides and angels. and
Kate Kill - of the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh offers meditation and yoga classes
and inspires people to live a healthy life style.
Janet Grace Nelson - an Agape licensed spiritual practitioner, who calls her Sacred Love events
Spread Your Wings... and SOAR!!!
Malaika Cheze Darville - presents a new paradigm training based on ancient wisdom,
for courageous contemporary leaders. A training full of movement.
Jan Tijmes - a teacher of Vipassan Meditation who does his meditation sits and
Inner Intelligence Coaching sessions in the Sedona area.
Kim Stanwood Terranova - an Agape licensed spiritual facilitator who has returned to Angel Valley
many times, and who uses the earth to support her participants’ journey of self-discovery.
Whitney Frey and Bill Olsen - The Journey is a retreat for those using or seeking
the awareness, principles, practices, tools…and the AHAs, from Creativity and Spirituality,
in the journey of their life and their life’s work.
Thomas Young - making connections with the higher powers of the soul
by being in nature and making sacred journeys, focused on the heart.
Christina Allen and Whitney McNeill - a complimenting teaching duo that offer
communication with Spirit, developing mediumship, Spirit circles, empathic management
and animal medicine teachings. They have a business in Sedona since 2014.
Esther Arends - brown belt Nia teacher. In addition to her inspiring Nia dance/movement classes,
she leads 'Now I Am' Retreats full of sensation, joy and pleasure.
Grandma Chandra - a unique multi-dimensional being, severely physically challenged,
who provides vital information telepathically conveyed.
Jackie Eaton - shares her unique way of working with the Angelic Realm.
Birgit Hoffmann - sees and communicates with the angels and all sorts of spirit beings,
speaking and writing light language.
Scott Huckabay - phenomenal musician who plays the soul expression of music
and touches his audience deeply.
Dana Damara - yoga teacher, whose motto is:
spiritual development - connection - movement; in that order!
Debra Martin and Sheri Roach - Debra's gift to channel departed loved ones,
combined with Sheri's gifts make them a Divine healing team.
Deborah McGraw and Tiffany Wood - yoga and meditation teachers who,
by working together, bring a new depth to the yoga student.
Judith Moore - oracle for the Records of Creation, channel from sources of planetary wisdom,
has access to the Chronicles of Ibis.
Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega - dedicated to expand the experience of the Great Consciousness
through the teachings and practices of the Shaiva tradition.
Sherry Olsen - brings her students from Canada to unlock their potential and gifts.
Reverend Kristin Powell - explores the divine nature of life,
incorporating a heartfelt interest in indigenous traditions.
Laurie Reyon and her Master Cat Puddah - a communicator with animals,
Alchemy of Ascension worksshops, dolphin/whale boat trips.
Ashley Warrenton-Smith - teaches her Dancing With Source courses.
Peggy Zembrano - a program of transformation through connecting with the Angels,
the Ascended Masters and Master ET energies.

Other Recommended Sites
Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
affinity group of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce ,
a group of metaphysical professionals in Sedona, of which Angel Valley is an active member.
Information on Sedona
Mark Gelotte of Gelotte Book Design - our creative and intuitive book designer.
Michael Glasser of Prescott Computer Guy - our highly valued webmaster and website resource.
Deb Lovejoy - the best holistic pedicure we know.
Ambaya Martin - products to support and restore optimal health.
Ellen Solart - has made living from the heart into an art.
Nursery in Cornville - the place to go to choose your tree for the 'Adopt-A-Tree' program.

For our European friends and and and
Irene Annink – vocalist for Latin American music, gospel, close harmony and theater/music for dementia.
Margot Groot – body movement therapist, teacher and coach, licensed natural practitioner.
Henk Nagel – gynaecologist, acupuncturist, bio-resonance therapy.
Donna Kleipool – merkaba activation, living in the heart workshops, heart & soul healing.

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