Philosophy - Vision - Mission



Five Essential Principles in Creation:

  • I Exist
  • The One is All and the All are One
  • Everything is Here and Now
  • What I put out is what I get back
  • Change is the only constant, except for the first four principles,
    which never change


We In-Vision A New Paradigm World of:

  • Everyone Knowing Themselves, Loving Themselves
    and Expressing Themselves
  • Everyone Loving Themselves more than anyone else
  • Everyone Listening to Their Own Heart and GOD SELF
  • Everyone ‘Following Their Heart’s Highest Excitement
    and Being ‘Their True Natural Selves’
  • Everyone realizing that they are free to choose,
    with their own beliefs, the reality they prefer
  • Heaven and Earth, Dark and Light  uniting in the Hearts of All Beings
  • Conscious Interactions with Beings of Light from All Worlds
  • Unconditional Love Being Expressed and Experienced By All
  • Honoring that ALL Truths and ALL Perspectives are True
    for the People who hold them
  • Abundance Being Consciously Exchanged, Experienced, and Enjoyed By All
  • Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability Being Lived By All


We give our Vision and Philosophy Expression by:

  • Being a Reflection Mirror for Others to Perceive
    their own Beauty and Uniqueness
  • Celebrating Life with Awareness and in Harmony with ALL THAT IS
  • Sharing Angelic Star Being’s Messages with All
  • Encouraging People to Find Their Own Answers and Their Own Truth
    Within Themselves
  • Encouraging People to be In Love with Change and the Unknown
  • Creating ‘Sacred Oasis’ Communities for Contact and Exploration
  • Designing and Presenting Programs, Services, and Products
    that Excite Us and Bring Us Joy

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