Octagon Building

It is the building of dreams. Today it stands as a token of keeping a dream alive.
The energy of this amazing building is palpable, even in its incomplete state.

Completion of this building creates an energetic capsule to welcome and support
visits, meetings, interactions and divinely-guided collaborations,
inspired by the wisdom of the octagon shape.

The finalizing of this building will be celebrated
as a milestone in a profound process of transformation.
You are invited to be a participant in this transformative dream.


The current structure has wiring, plumbing, interior wall framing
and a stamped concrete floor with in-floor heating.
The 1st floor contains 5 rooms, a kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.
The top floor has two unique solid log octagons and a connecting space.
The second log octagon was erected In March 2014.
All this is surrounded by a deck that has been coined as ‘the observation deck’.
The views are spectacular, and one literally feels closer to space.


The next phases of the project includes:

Completion of the roof and observation deck - $40,000
Insulation, bathrooms, kitchen, interior offices and rooms - $200,000
Underground electrical and water from the existing well - $60,000


Your participation assists in bringing this building into service for Angel Valley and its visitors.
Your contribution is immeasurable. Thank you so much!


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