Chakra Tent Cabins

On the east side of Oak Creek, nestled in groves of sycamore trees and desert willows,
away from the permanent structures of Angel Valley,
are power-spots that specifically amplify the chakra energy levels.
People have spent time in meditation in the solitude of these pristine vortexes,
allowing the natural alignment within their energetic structure to occur.
We are excited about sharing with our guests
what we have experienced ourselves for many years.


Angel Valley plans to create tent-cabin facilities,
so that more guests can receive this innate attunement
in direct connection with the surrounding natural worlds.

This requires:
Purchase of durable 12x14ft tent-cabins.
Preparing existing sites, building platforms, and erecting of the tents.
Furnishing for meditation and sleeping.


Thank you for helping us to provide this loving gift
that allows people to journey deeper into themselves.

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