Angel Valley Live Broadcasting

In April 2013, Angel Valley began using Live Streaming technology
to share events around the planet.
Since we learned about Live Streaming technology, we have had a vision
to share Oak Creek’s healing gift via an ongoing broadcast
with those who have visited, with those who intend to visit,
and with those who may never have the opportunity
to experience Angel Valley in person.


Expanding our Live Streaming service
accelerates our contribution to higher levels of awareness
through the sharing of the Living Waters of Oak Creek,
our Crystal Skull Meditations,
the Saturday Matinee Channeled Sessions,
and our Sunday Morning Gatherings.


The project includes:
The purchase of broadcasting and video equipment with outdoor housing,
Technology assistance from industry professionals,
Maintenance costs,
Digital TV for Skype sessions.

You are contributing to the global sharing of real-time, actual presence of harmony
between Elemental, Angelic, Off-Planet, Animal and Human realms.
Thank you!.


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