Chartres Labyrinth

The geometric pattern of the Chartres Labyrinth invites you to find
connection, wisdom and awareness.
It takes you to the core of your being,
and presents you with an integration of Who You Are.
The space is felt by many as a doorway to access other dimensions.


This particular labyrinth has an additional purpose.
Through our channeled guides we are aware
that off-planet races have visited here inter-dimensionally.
By being receptive with an open heart, you may give yourself
an experience of contact with multidimensional beings
through your own unique way of connecting.


Early 2014, Angel Valley enhanced the physical integrity of the Chartres Labyrinth.

Improvements included:

  • A 350 ft trail along the rim, 4 ft wide, lined with rocks.
  • A 150’ ft French drain to redistribute excess water.
  • A layer of gravel on the surface of the entire labyrinth.
  • Irrigation installed on the berm for plantings as a natural deterrent to erosion.
  • Jute netting and straw to provide protection in anticipation of the landscaping.
  • Two heart ornaments and six live willow arbors with stone benches
    providing shade and greenery on the rim of the labyrinth.


Funding will enable Angel Valley to:
Plant greenery on the berm,
Replenish stone and sand around the labyrinth paths,
Complete the labyrinth with a scallop design along the outer circuit,
Restock the resources recently devoted to the Chartres labyrinth.

In addition to monetary contributions,
we are inviting those who would enjoy contributing
to the beauty of this unique tool of consciousness in a physical sense.

Spending time in or by the Chartres Labyrinth
can open you to transcendent awareness,
whether you actually walk the path or simply share the space.

Your contribution to the funding of the Chartres LabyrinthYour allows us
to maintain and care for the Labyrinth for years to come.
It makes it possible to share this wonderful experience for all who visit.
Thank you!


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