Land In Trust

Angel Valley’s land is sacred, magical and powerful.
As we listen to what the land has to say,
we feel that it is urging us to honor its sacredness,
and to ensure that the land is used in a sacred way.


Michael and Amayra Hamilton are deeply committed
to protect and preserve the land for generations to come.
They have given the utmost care to all construction and infrastructure design,
with respect for the natural environment.

From the inception of Angel Valley in 2002, they have seen themselves
as ‘stewards’ of the land. In the legal documents the term ‘owner’ is used.
The financial contracts have their personal signatures.
At the time that was the available format.

Now the time has come to evolve into a different format.
Their vision is to create a new entity, named ‘Land In Trust’,
which is going to be the legal owner of the valley.
The property would be free and clear, so that all focus can be given to the vision.
A board will oversee the trust and ensure that the property is utilized
in alignment with the purpose of the trust.
The board will manage the trust fund account.


We thank those who resonate with this dream,
for their willingness to participate in the 'Land In Trust.'
We will soon be able to share more details.

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