Vortex Experiences

Open yourself up for the subtle, yet powerful earth energies
and allow yourself to be healed by Mother Earth.

"The feeling of Divine energies in your beautiful Angel Valley is heaven on Earth. The Mother Mary/Divine Feminine site with the rose quartz left a deep impression in my soul as well as all of the angel sites that I visited, the energy vortexes and the labyrinths."
Ann D. S., Manchester, NH

"Besides feeling physically better after the vortex meditation and hike, I also believe that I left with a few spiritual messages that I needed to hear."
Lisa L., Hopewell Junction, NY

"Thank you so much for our vortex tour. How a vortex can change a relationship is beyond me, but there is definitely something special about your place and your group that help stragglers like us. I want to thank each of you for your hand in our new relationship. I think all couples who are interested in growing their relationship should be a part of what you are doing."
Cheryle L. W., Denver CO

"The Vortex Tour was fun and spiritually inspiring for our whole family. I brought my mother and three children and each one of us experienced something unique and uplifting from this highly energetic place."
Christine M., Attorney at Law, Phoenix, AZ

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