Retreat & Work Sharing

Over the past years many people have been guided to Angel Valley,
who have offered their energy in exchange for the opportunity
to live at Angel Valley and work on themselves.
Some have stayed for days, some for weeks, and some for months.


The work retreat program provides me a wonderful opportunity for growth and connecting with soul family. I learn so much about the human spirit, discernment, community living, and sovereignty. I give gratitude for all of the growth opportunities that arise through the process of gaining clarity about individual roles and values. I am most grateful for my time spent in communion with this sacred land.

Erin Puckett, December 2012


Esther Arends, The Hague, The Netherlands rw-esther-arends



Great Spirit brought me to Angel Valley.
There are many types of compensation, other than financial. What I receive from being here, while applying my energy towards the greater good of Angel Valley, is priceless. The true benefit for me is having the time to do my personal inner work to expand my awareness of the infinite relations of source to itself. The sacred land here is a unique container.
I really like and respect the individuals who are at the head of this organization, and the manner in which the space is being run and maintained. There is a variety of good work and extraordinarily good energy. Angel Valley accelerates the process of growth and expansion that I value so much. In these intense times that we are navigating, I believe it to be essential that we take time to slow down and be as fully present in the now-moment as possible. Angel Valley not only provides that space for me, it also encourages my practice.
Jade Frank, Sedona, AZ - June, 2010


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