Labyrinth Experiences

Of all the places at Angel Valley, the Chartres labyrinth may be the most powerful one. Read here what visitors share!

"As the beautiful sky and warm sun sheltered me, I walked the largest labyrinth in Southwest America. As I walked, I prayed. I prayed for an open mind and answers. Reaching the labyrinth center, I sat down and lifted my face to the sun. My mother, who passed away several years ago without me ever saying goodbye, came to me and told me she was there and would always be. I wept gently."
Jim F., Sedona, AZ

"I really enjoyed the 7-circuit labyrinth in the garden, but to walk the Chartres labyrinth, knowing Bashar was directly above was truly an amazing experience."
Sharon McC., Los Angeles, CA

"A couple of very unique things happened to us at Angel Valley. When we walked the labyrinth and got to the center we prayed and our voices were amplified. It sounded like we were talking through speakers! Then, when we left we saw four angel clouds! Very beautiful…."
Ifini S., Aziza , Gwen & Selyah, Los Angeles, CA

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