Sightings in the Sky


We did the UFO sighting with Brian, and had such a great time! We saw at least 3 or more UFO's. That alone destroyed many doubts. It helped reconfirm that we are NOT alone.
Matt W. and Sky C., Phoenix, AZ

The first time I pointed night vision goggles at the sky was breathtakingly spectacular! The number of stars that became visible was mind-boggling! After explaining the difference between human aircraft, satelites and Unexplained Flying Objects, I began seeing all these unexpected movements that were indicated as UFO's. Some were visible with the naked eye. Between the six of us, that evening we counted 47 UFO's. I was deeply touched!
Amayra H., Sedona, AZ

April 29, 2008, is a date that is etched in my cellular memory. It was the first time I saw 7 UFO's, right over the bath house at Angel Valley. Around 9:00 PM, Amayra and I were walking to our tent on the other side of the creek. I saw a car parked and people standing around talking. I walked over. Amayra wanted to just go to the tent. To this day she regrets that she did not make a different choice.
I found that it was guests, late arrivals for a group retreat that was to start the next day. Within minutes two women came rushing over, excited and out of breath, telling us to look up. All 8 or10 of us saw 7 space craft hovering above us. I saw them for about 5 minutes. Then, in unison, they slowly moved away in a southerly direction. They were gone from my physical sight, but would never be gone from my heart and knowingness. Finally I had my proof that they were real!
Michael H., Sedona, AZ

I see ships every time I visit Angel Valley. They are waiting in line.
Nuva Y., Sedona, AZ




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