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Climate in Sedona and Angel Valley:

With Sedona's elevation of 4500 ft. we find ourselves in the high desert. This means an abundance of sun and little rain. The differences in temperature of day and night are considerable all through the year. In summer the days can be quite warm, the nights are pleasantly cool. From November through March it may be below freezing at night, however the days are often pleasant enough for only a light coat or a sweater. It may snow a few times each winter, which turns red rock country into a fairy land. The snow usually disappears from all but the highest peaks in a few days, sometimes within a few hours.

Since Angel Valley's elevation is slightly lower, the temperature is always a few degrees higher.

Current Sedona Weather:

What to bring:

Casual clothing to dress in layers - summer: light clothing for the daytime and sweater for night time - winter: coat for nighttime - comfortable shoes - water bottle - flashlight - journal.
For your outdoor activities: hiking boots - sun protection - binoculars - camera.

What to do:

Allow yourself enough time to BE in the Sedona area, even more so at the grounds of Angel Valley. Take your time, hike in pristine nature and enjoy the famous red rocks of Sedona.

What not to do:

Plan your trip so full before you arrive, that you will not be able to open yourself for the magic that Sedona has to offer.

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