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If you decide to come from PHOENIX SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to Angel Valley by Shuttle, Ace Xpress is a shuttle company that brings you to our office and picks you up upon departure. Your driver picks you up at the airport when they know your flight number and arrival time. For your return they make sure you will be at the airport in time to catch your flight and inform you at what time you will be picked up at Angel Valley. Please, book your return flight in such a way that you allow Ace Xpress enough time to work you into their schedule. They are available for late arrivals and early departures.

Their rates are $69 for a one-way trip, $109 for a round trip.
In case you change your plans for your return trip by choosing a different form of transportation, you will receive a credit for your next trip.

It may be good to know that Angel Valley passengers are dropped off as the last ones on the trip
Upon leaving our guests are picked up as the first on the ride.
This makes the trip longer than driving straight from the airport to Angel Valley.

For information, please, visit or email

You can make your reservation on line or you can call (800) 336-2239 or (928) 649-2720.



If you prefer more personalized and faster transportation from and to PHOENIX SKY HARBOR, we recommend Red Rock Transportation. Your driver will be either Ed Hosmer or his wife Carmen.

Their rates are based on a one-way trip from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Angel Valley or vice versa. For one person you pay $160, for two persons $180, for three persons $200, for four persons $220, for five or six persons $240.

They also offer private tours once you are in Sedona.

For information, please, visit
or email your questions to

To make a reservation, please, call (928) 593-9672.



If you fly into FLAGSTAFF PULLIAM AIRPORT, at this moment the only option is to rent a car.
There is a shuttle service that leaves from the train station at 8:00AM and at 4:00PM
and drops you off in Sedona Uptown.
For more information about this service, visit


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