Vortex Experiences

At Angel Valley an unusually high number of energy lines cross the land. As a result there are many vortexes and special energy sites. Stone circles have been created on these locations. Some are directly aligned with our chakras and meridians, some correspond with various levels of our consciousness, and others connect to the Christ Consciousness, Angels, and Beings of Light.

At this point in time we are beginning to explore the world of subtle energies. We are all learning to sense and to sensitize ourselves. Angel Valley is a perfect place to practice this process of becoming more sensitive.

We are available to help you to open up to and experience the power and healing aspects of vortexes during our facilitated Vortex Tours, which we prefer to call Vortex Experiences. The facilitator leads you in guided meditations and helps you interpret your experience. Once you have had this experience it is easier for you to visit the vortex site by yourself and have the maximum experience.

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